COSMICS is a H2020/FET-Open project (Future and Emerging Technologies).
COSMICS intends to develop a modelling platform around molecular spintronics and general concepts for efficient strategies to greatly optimize the magneto-transport properties of materials/devices.



Presentations related to COSMICS



Spin crossover in molecular materials (Jose Antonio Real)

JEMS 2018

Light-Induced Spin Crossover in Two-Dimensional Molecular Networks (Amandine Bellec)

ECMoLS 2018

Interplay between epitaxial relationship and spin texture in a monolayer of spin crossover molecules adsorbed on a metallic surface (Vincent Repain)

Modelling of the magnetic anisotropy of molecules/ferromagnets interfaces(Cyrille Barreteau)


Concepts and modelling tools in molecular spintronics (Cyrille Barreteau)

DSL 2019

Spin Physics at the interface of molecules and inorganic substrate (Cyrille Barreteau)

 JEMS 2019

Magneto-Crystalline anisotropy of Fe, Co and Ni slabs : A benchmark from DFT and Tight-Binding models (Ludovic Le Laurent)