COSMICS is a H2020/FET-Open project (Future and Emerging Technologies).
COSMICS intends to develop a modelling platform around molecular spintronics and general concepts for efficient strategies to greatly optimize the magneto-transport properties of materials/devices.



Synopsys News Letter: Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy Energy Simulations for R&D of Magnetic Materials

 Soleil News: How to force the magnetic state of a bistable molecule


 Soleil News: Computing with molecules: a big step in molecular spintronics

Night of Science in Kiel:  (NACHT DER WISSENSCHAFT)

Cosmics consortium meeting in Kiel: New Concepts and Tools in Molecular Spintronics

Participants at Kiel meeting

Paris Saclay News: A 2017 FET laureate

CEA News: European project COSMICS

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