COSMICS is a H2020/FET-Open project (Future and Emerging Technologies).
COSMICS intends to develop a modelling platform around molecular spintronics and general concepts for efficient strategies to greatly optimize the magneto-transport properties of materials/devices.



Presentations related to COSMICS

JEMS 2019

Magneto-Crystalline anisotropy of Fe, Co and Ni slabs : A benchmark from DFT and Tight-Binding models (Ludovic Le Laurent)

DSL 2019

Spin Physics at the interface of molecules and inorganic substrate (Cyrille Barreteau)


Concepts and modelling tools in molecular spintronics (Cyrille Barreteau)

ECMoLS 2018

Interplay between epitaxial relationship and spin texture in a monolayer of spin crossover molecules adsorbed on a metallic surface (Vincent Repain)

Modelling of the magnetic anisotropy of molecules/ferromagnets interfaces(Cyrille Barreteau)

JEMS 2018

Light-Induced Spin Crossover in Two-Dimensional Molecular Networks (Amandine Bellec)

Spin crossover in molecular materials (Jose Antonio Real)