Communicate and collaborate in complete security

Deploy a comprehensive social and collaboration platform. From a collaborative intranet to a corporate social network, Whaller gives organizations everything they need to accelerate their digital transformation, without sacrificing cybersecurity. Whaller is ideal for both small teams and very large networks.

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Over 20,000 organizations put their trust in Whaller

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From a simple messenger to a corporate social network, Whaller is above all, a solution for both internal and external (clients, partners, etc.) communication.

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…and collaborate…

File box, co-editing, events, tasks, video and audio conferencing, webinars…Whaller has all the collaboration tools you need to simplify teamwork whether remote or onsite.

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…in complete security

Every dimension of security is integrated into the Whaller platform (cybersecurity, legal, design).
Built with Privacy by Design, Whaller protects your sensitive and strategic data.

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Our solutions

Our solutions cover your internal or external collaboration and communication needs and are designed to evolve with you. Start with a small community, then expand your network’s membership and features.

Efficient and simple, Whaller accompanies your organization’s digital transformation every step of the way.

Collaboration platform

Each sphere includes a complete collaboration toolkit:

Online meetings, task management and Kanban, file storage, co-editing compatible with Microsoft Office, events and calendars, messaging, surveys, ads. Whaller gives you all the tools you need!

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Intranet and public portal

Build a modern and totally customizable intranet or extranet. An ever-growing library of widgets and a complete CMS make it easier than ever to create a portal in your image.

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Digital workplace

Benefit from a multi-organization platform that can accommodate thousands of users, with a white label version that can be integrated into your IS.

Enhance employee experience with personal summary pages that allow network members to manage their daily lives without mental overload or confusion.

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Whaller accelerates your digital transformation

The particularity of your sector is paramount. For 10 years, we have been working with numerous organizations, and we understand their specific needs. Discover how you can use Whaller:

Whaller stands out…


N°1 French solution in UX and ergonomics

In 2021, Lecko rated around 100 collaboration solutions on user experience. Whaller scored 63%, placing it ahead of Microsoft 365, Confluence and all other French solutions. As a comparison, Workplace from Meta scored 68%.

UX is the number one success factor in digital transformation.


1st company awarded the “Sovereign Solution” seal

Whaller is the first company to have been awarded the “Sovereign Solution” seal from Privacy Tech.

Created in partnership with AFNOR Certification (French Standardization Association), the seal includes 5 categories and is aimed at French B2B and B2C software publishers who place the utmost importance on data protection.

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Whaller x OVHcloud creates a trusted European offer

In the context of the “Cloud de confiance” (trusted cloud) strategy driven by the French government, associated with ANSSI’s SecNumCloud requirement, we have seen the emergence of two so-called trusted offers supported by alliances between Orange-Microsoft and Thales-Google.

Whaller, in partnership with OVHcloud, is a 100% French, European alternative.

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The most unified solution on the market, thanks to spheres

Over the past few years, many collaboration platforms have expanded their features, often copying each other, presenting full application stores that resemble other well-known solutions.

This accumulation of features rarely means "easy to use".

Whaller has remained consistent in its evolution. The platform has always been designed around the concept of sealed “spheres” and hyper contextualization.

Today Whaller is the most unified solution on the market. It remains loyal to its first intuitions, oriented toward better protection and simplicity of use.


The only solution that’s perfect for both small and large teams

With its system of "spheres", Whaller can meet the needs of small teams that need to collaborate on a daily basis, as well as very large networks, with many entities.

Whaller's architecture is designed around spheres (secure spaces for communication and collaboration), organizations (intranet portals) and federations (multi-entity workplaces) that allow for natural growth.

Whaller is one of a kind when it comes to flexibility.

Ready to get started?

Whaller is available for free for up to 100 members with the Standard offer. Create your platform in 5 minutes and give it a go. 🙂

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