Electronic document management

Electronic document management (EDM) on Whaller allows you to centralise your documents directly in the file box for the web version and locally on your workstation with Whaller Drive.

Manage your documents

Centralize your documents in a built-in file box


Benefit from unlimited file storage in each sphere to build a well-organized hub for your documents, images, audio, videos and links.

Offer Pro

up to 150 MB per file

From the Business offer

large files


Accidentally delete a file? No worries! Any erased items are sent to the bin and can be restored in just a click.

From the Pro offer


Create an extensive resource library by adding your favorite internal and external links to the file box (CMS articles, messages posted in spheres, useful websites,…)

From the Business offer


Ensure that important information stays in the right hands by customizing editing and access rights.

  • Lock files to prevent unwanted deletion or modifications.
  • Restrict access to trusted teammates for select folders and their contents.

From the Business offer


Keep a history of the documents you’re working on and easily revert back to past versions if need be.

With the Enterprise offer

Rules to access files and documents are the same for the web app and Whaller Drive

Synchronize your files with Whaller Drive

Whaller Drive is an addition to the platform's built-in electronic document management system. The app, available on Windows and MacOs, allows users to synchronize their files directly on their desktop.

From the Pro offer

Collaborate in real time with Whaller 365

Created in partnership with ONLYOFFICE

Fully integrated into each sphere file box, the Whaller 365 office suite gives teams all the tools they need to create and collaborate on documents efficiently, in real time.

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creation and co-editing of Word files

From the Business offer

creation and co-editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

View Image


View any document stored in the file box, no download necessary.

Create Image


Create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in your spheres.

Modify Image


Make changes to existing files.

Co-edit Image


Edit documents with multiple users at the same time.

Comment Image


Share your feedback and see what other contributors have to say.

Chat Image


Start a conversation with other members working on the same document.