Whaller (IA)ssistant

 AI for your productivity

Maximise your productivity with Whaller (IA)ssistant, specifically designed to enrich your collaboration and project management experience within your organisation.


 100% made in France :
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block Whaller (IA)ssistant in sensitive areas

AI to boost your performance 🚀

Whaller stands out as the only collaborative platform that integrates generative artificial intelligence at the heart of its product, offering a distinct advantage to its users.

Unlike its main competitors, who simply add an interface to access GPT functionalities, Whaller enriches the user experience by natively integrating this AI technology.

This strategic choice will optimise work processes within Whaller, making the use of generative AI more intuitive and directly linked to the specific needs of users.

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Key features of Whaller (IA)ssistant ✨

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Commitment to security and digital sovereignty

The security of your data is our priority. Whaller (IA)ssistant has been designed according to the principles of "Security by Design", offering total control to managers and users. Compliance with the GDPR is ensured by explicit consent from users to the use of their data. What's more, you can choose between Mistral AI and OVHcloud for hosting, combining innovation and digital sovereignty. We are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data, and we work closely with Mistral AI to guarantee compliance with these principles.

To take advantage of these advances, we offer two options tailored to your needs:


Mistral AI,
wide model

Enjoy optimum performance with this model, directly on Mistral AI servers.


Mistral hosted at OVHCloud model "8X7B

Take advantage of Mistral artificial intelligence hosted on OVHcloud's reliable infrastructure.

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Overcome the challenges of project management and communication 🤝

Whaller (IA)ssistant meets the complex needs of modern project management and business communication. It perfectly complements Whaller's existing functionality, adding a layer of artificial intelligence powered by Mistral AI for increased efficiency.

Overcome the challenges of <span class='text-iassistant'>project management</span> and <span class='text-iassistant'>communication</span>

competitive comparison 🧮

Use of AI tools
Whaller Image ✅ Integrated generative AI 🏆 Generative AI 7 different use cases (improvements, generations, summaries, FALC, etc) 🛡️ Manager's choice of tool, protection of sensitive areas, individual consent required 🇫🇷 French tools
Jamespot Image ✅ JamesGPT 🤖 A non-integrated ChatGPT clone ❌ No mention ❌ No mention
WIMI Image ❌ No ❌ None ❌ N/A ❌ N/A
Talkspirit Image ❌ No ❌ None ❌ N/A ❌ N/A