Take your network to the next level with highly-personalized white label and data hosting options.

White label website

To benefit from even more advanced customization, opt for Whaller white label, or “Gate”, a platform hosted on a dedicated URL that completely isolates your ecosystem from the rest of Whaller.

From the Business offer

Tailor-made data hosting

Decide how and where your data's hosted.



By default, host your data on Whaller’s servers located in Roubaix, France (OVHcloud).

From the Standard offer


Data On-Premises

Benefit from a hybrid architecture by hosting your data on the servers of your choice, and accessing your networks via

From the Business offer


All On-Premises

Install a standalone version of Whaller on your own servers to keep your service and data in house.

Exclusively for European institutional or industrial clients.

With the Enterprise offer