The most secure and complete collaboration platform

From a corporate social network to a complete customized Digital Workplace, Whaller brings together all the collaboration tools to facilitate communication between your teams.

Social Network

Connect with all your collaborators in a simple and original way. Every sphere gives you a secure discussion space.

Collaboration tools

Find the tools to communicate simply and safely. Send different styles of messages, including images, documents, GIFs... Start or detach a message from your feed to follow it in real time as a chat. Involve your members by collecting their opinions through different types of polls (MCQs, open questions, satisfaction scales).

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Member management

Manage access rights to your network (member, visitor, admin...) and find them in the members directory. Customize your profile with specific fields and different roles for each organization and sphere.

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Incentive tools

Engage your members by rewarding them with badges or points. Create your own virtual shop with your own products or an interactive map to present your organization.

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Collaboration Platform

Check out all the collaboration tools that make Whaller a complete working platform.

Project management

Improve communication and productivity with a wide range of collaboration tools. Whaller allows you to centralize all your daily tasks in one place. Plan a meeting or an event and access a global view in the calendar. Assign a task to a member and follow the progress of a project in the Task Kanban.

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Video conference

Schedule secure video conferences from a sphere. The proposed solutions (BigBlueButton, Glowbl, Whereby) are integrated with Whaller and allow you to participate without switching tools.

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Audio sphere

Optimise the way you communicate in real time with the audio sphere Whaller. In just one click, chat and hold quick meetings with your remote colleagues.

Intranet and public portal

Design a fully customizable portal with an ever-growing library of widgets, articles, or a shop.

Digital Workplace

All the features allow you to create a complete and secure Digital Workplace. Whaller brings you all the collaboration tools in one place.


Go even further in tailoring your platform with the white label option. Choose your data hosting and customize the platform to your specific needs.

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Learn more

Download our detailed documentation about all the features on the Whaller collaboration platform.

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