Whaller for Sports

Build a digital environment that allows you to attract, interact with and retain all stakeholders involved in sports.

Create a club network


  • Discover the benefits of practicing a sport.
  • Meet new people.
  • Find game partners.
  • Get to know accomplished athletes.

Club members

  • Cultivate the spirit of competition as well as the spirit of belonging.
  • Sign up for classes, reserve playing fields or rent equipment.
  • Prepare for and comment on sports performances with peers.
  • Prepare for or extend the conviviality of trainings, matches and games.

Equipment manufacturers

  • Create partnerships and showcase your offers and products in a relevant context.
  • Maintain a relationship of trust with players.
  • Collect targeted testimonials.


  • Insurers, health insurance companies, sports medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths: maintain a link with the "digital locker room" that is Whaller Sports.
  • Provide your advice and recommendations all year long.


  • Maintain a dialogue with players and club members.
  • Promote membership benefits to your audience (privileges, premium services, etc.)
  • Establish partnerships that are relevant to your community of players.
  • Become your own digital media and provide your audience with real-time content.


  • Be involved in the development of all sports disciplines in your territory.
  • Be identified as a supporter and facilitator of athletics.
  • Connect Whaller Sports with all the other spheres of your "Smart City".


  • Stay up to date with important information.
  • Take an active part in your child’s practices and games.
  • Exchange with coaches and other parents.

They put their trust in Whaller