Collaboration tools

On Whaller, find all the tools you need to facilitate communication and collaboration between your teams.


Post private or public messages to members in a sphere.
Attach documents, images or GIFs, and create tasks, events and surveys.

From the Standard offer

  1. Message style

  2. Documents

  3. Markdown

  4. Events

  5. Tasks

  6. Polls

  7. Tags

  8. Gifts


Start a real-time conversation directly in the chat area (accessible from any sphere), or remove and pin messages from your main information feeds there.

From the Standard offer


Save time by preparing and programing the publication of messages in advance.

From the Business offer


Search all messages by type (events, tasks, etc.), tag and content (document, image, etc.).

Standard offer: past 20 days

From the Pro offer: unlimited

Data legacy

Activate the data legacy option to allow content shared in spheres to be conserved and anonymized after users leave a network.

From the Business offer

Multilingual content

Create multilingual versions of your messages to allow members to view content according to their preferred language (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Estonian).

With the Enterprise offer

Video conferencing

Start an audio or video conference from within any sphere thanks to integrated solutions by Jitsi, Glowbl, BigBlueButton and Whereby.
Organize professional presentations and trainings by activating webinar mode on BigBlueButton.
Invite an external person to join a video conference, signed up or not on Whaller.

From the Standard offer -
webinar mode available from the Business offer

lang.features-collab-tools-visio-conference.title Image Video conferencing Image

File management and collaboration

Store, create, share and co-edit documents with your members online thanks to unlimited file storage and an integrated office suite in each sphere.

From the Pro offer

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