Internet is everywhere!

This awesome power connects people to each other in entirely new ways.

We exchange a great deal but are distracted by an overwhelming flow of information.

And social networks have become an advertising space.

Our messaging, our reading, our instant discussions are exploited.Our attention has become the main currency of exchange on Internet.

The smallest corner of digital space is used to attract our notice, selling us information, services and products.

In these times of ubiquitous solicitation, mastering better Internet becomes necessary.

It includes a personal right to avoid being constantly questioned and to remain focused.

We strongly believe that technology can and must best serve an individual without imposing bondage.

We believe in creating better relations between ourselves, more human and real.

We also believe in the virtue of silence, conducive to concentration, reflection and creativity.

We believe in the intelligence of human beings, capable and concerned in mastering their communication.

We believe that they can build out of it something worthy, great and useful.