Start small,
Dream big!

Create your own secure social networks for free and without limit.

Create a sphere, invite your contacts and start a conversation in minutes. Whaller spheres are secure discussion spaces, completely separate from one another.

Share anything

Share all types of messages in the spheres: formatted text, links, videos, documents, surveys, tasks, gifts...

Set the visibility of your messages in your spheres: chat with all members or privately in the same place!

Sort and categorize your messages using tags and categories.









Members directory

Most sites only offer you one profile. On Whaller, create a different profile for each sphere. You don’t present yourself to your friends the same way as to your colleagues!

Decide with whom to share what information.


Follow and look for members of your spheres in the sphere directories.

Video conference

Whaller integrates the tool into each sphere which has a dedicated videoconference room. This application is based on WebRTC technology, which allows browsers to communicate directly with each other without an intermediary server.

Organizations: expand your professional networks, institutional networks, associative networks, etc.

As well as your individual spheres, create networks for your business, association, school or institution: Whaller can be adapted for any use.

Assemble and organize your spheres by organization, and have a veritable professional social network in just a few clicks.

Organization home page

Find all of the organization’s spheres, the member directory, and management tools on the home page.

Want to add a banner? A background? Custom colors?
Discover the PRO offer for more graphic customization.

Manage members

Accept and manage access rights of the people in your networks using member and visitor management pages.

Advanced settings

Manage your organization’s settings: logo, color, description, public home page, etc.

Public URL

Activate the public URL and benefit from a homepage for your organization.

All your networks in your pocket

Thanks to the mobile app, carry Whaller with you wherever you are; access all your spheres and contacts in one click.


Whaller can integrate perfectly with the tools and software that you already use.

Connect them and increase your efficiency by structuring them around your team and project spheres etc.

A simple pricing model for networks of all sizes

Forget setup, training fees and complex pricing structures. We have created a simple and clear-cut pricing model that works well for everyone, from the family network to the collaborative platform of a multinational company.






A small, close-knit social network for discussion and sharing

A structured platform to collaborate simply and efficiently

A large-scale collaborative space in the image of your company or organization

A complete workplace, 100% customizable


Excl Tax

/ month / user

Available on quotation

Available on quotation

Up to 100 members / organization

Up to 5 spheres / organization

Contact Whaller

Contact Whaller

Number of members100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of spheres
Number of organizations
In spheres
Sharing of documents, surveys, events, etc.
Search in messages in the past 20 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Upload size 20MB150MB1GBLarge files
Message scheduling
Translation of messages via DeepL🇪🇺
Multilingual content creation
Members directory
Alphabetical directory
Filters according to roles
"My contacts" tabOptional
Collaboration tools
Document Box
Whaller 365 Co-editing of Word documentsCo-editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint documentsCo-editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents
Task Kanban
Video & teleconferencing
External links of your choice: Jitsi, Whereby or Glowbl
Online meeting rooms (by BigBlueButton)
Webinars (by BigBlueButton)
Teleconference Optional
Sphere customization
Image gallery
External feeds import
Anonymous restricted spheres
News spheres
For organizations
Internal portal
Public portal
Sphere families
Cross-functional tools
Resource reservation
Suggested contacts
Motivational tools (incentive)
Store, points
Map (with integrated quizzes)
Automatic reward rules (points, badges)
Management tools
Analytics Custom reporting
Automatically accepted email domains
Spheres accessible to visitors
Data legacy
Email customization
Members isolated from the rest of
Remove branding
Roles and enhanced profiles
Blacklisted words
Custom rights and authorizations
Advanced customization
Graphic customization (banners, etc.)
Synchronization with company directory (LDAP)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom CSS
Advanced security options :
- Password complexity policy
- Password expiration
- Login cookie duration
- Lifetime of links sent by email to renew a password
Data on-premises (mixed infrastructure) OptionalOptional
White label websiteOptional
Healthcare data hostingOptional
White label mobile applicationOptional
All on-premises (infrastructure hosted on site)Optional
SupportReply < 48 hours by emailReply < 24 business hours by email, chatReply < 24 business hours by email, chat, person dedicated to the follow-up of your project