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If you want to further customize your network, Premium offers are for you. Turn your organization into a true collaborative intranet.

Sphere and organization calendars

See a calendar with the events posted in spheres. This calendar view is displayed in your organization’s spheres and on the homepage.

Document Box

Each sphere has a document repository.

A "Box" is linked to each sphere. It can be used to store and organize documents. Each sphere member can contribute to it by uploading files into folders.


Whaller 365

Linked directly to each sphere’s document box, the Whaller 365 office suite allows network members to consult, create, modify and co-edit documents (Word), spreadsheets (Excel) and presentations (PowerPoint) in real time.

Task Kanban

Kanban is the overall view of tasks within a sphere, sorted into three columns depending on their progress status: to do, in progress and finished.

External feeds import

Connect your social media and RSS feeds to your Whaller spheres to share the best of the web with your members.

Discover the example of Plussh feeds and all the integrations available

20 Mo


150 Mo


Upload size

20MB isn't enough for the images and documents you want to share? The PRO offer allows you to increase the upload size of your files to 150MB.

Oversee the activity of your networks

Oversee the activity of your networks with statistics on contributors and their participation in the spheres.

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Design customization

In a Pro organization, you can customize all the elements of your interfaces: banner, footer, background, colors, notification emails, etc.

Reservation of resources

Define a group of resources (rooms, video projectors, athletic fields, materials...) available to the members of your organization with this simple and efficient reservation tool.

Content management system (CMS)

Tab to other articles



With the CMS integrated in your organization, turn your internal portal into an intranet, and your public portal into a showcase website.

The CMS lets you organize static articles that can be customized at any time.

CMS articles can be edited in your browser using WYSIWYG. Manage the insertion of images, videos and all the layout from your browser.


Personalize your interfaces even more by adding widgets to your spheres and on the portal pages (including CMS articles). More than a dozen widgets are available: Dropbox, Twitter, image, links, formatted text, latest messages posted in a sphere, etc.

Discover the Dropbox widget and all the integrations available

Enhanced roles and profiles

You can allocate different roles to members. These roles allow you to differentiate from specific profile fields, known as "enhanced profiles". Enhanced roles are created by the organization manager and are specific to that organization. They can be text, list or document (CV, for example) types, etc.

Your members may forget to update some profile fields, their contact information, their diplomas, their CV etc. In one click, you can trigger an alert which will ask them to update their profile information.

Data legacy

The message legacy allows messages written by a user to be saved when the user leaves a sphere or organization; this is done with the user's authorization (included in the charter if it is active) and makes the messages anonymous (there will be no mention of the first name/last name of the person in question).

Schedule the publication of a message

The authors of a message, administrators and publication managers can add a task to a message after it has been written.

Block sphere creation

By default the members of an organization can create spheres, but in some cases, this is not desirable. Using this option you can block this feature.

LDAP synchronization

You've already created a LDAP directory service and you don't want to create another directory? Whaller can synchronize the list of members in your LDAP directory, and manage arrivals and departures.



Motivate your members by rewarding them for their messages. They can earn points to spend in the shop that you have custom-designed, with your own products.


Improve the way you welcome new members by creating a fun path for them to follow. Imagine a map that your members can navigate, answering quiz-style questions, discovering information boards and much more...

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Forum spheres

Forum spheres

By using this option, your Whaller network can become a question/answer forum. Any correct answers to the messages can be selected and highlighted. Any incorrect responses will be faded out.

Restricted spheres

If you wish to limit messages written by members of a sphere, restricted spheres are for you. Members can write to the "staff" of the sphere in private messages. Very useful for clients’ spheres; Whaller will become your business’ "digital hotline".

Anonymous spheres

In addition to restricting spheres, you may also prefer that members of your sphere don't know each other or have access to a global directory. If so, activate member anonymization.


Long gone are the days of needing to reserve a conference room at the last minute! With this option, attach a permanent conference call number to each of your spheres!

Discover Callr and all the possible integrations

Data On Premises

Host your organization's messages and documents on your own servers. Everything you share in spheres stays close to home.

All your networks in your pocket

Thanks to the mobile app, carry Whaller with you wherever you are; access all your spheres and contacts in one click.


Whaller can integrate perfectly with the tools and software that you already use.

Connect them and increase your efficiency by structuring them around your team and project spheres etc.

A simple pricing model for networks of all sizes

Forget setup, training fees and complex pricing structures. We have created a simple and clear-cut pricing model that works well for everyone, from the family network to the collaborative platform of a multinational company.






A small, close-knit social network for discussion and sharing

A structured platform to collaborate simply and efficiently

A large-scale collaborative space in the image of your company or organization

A complete workplace, 100% customizable


Excl Tax

/ month / user

Available on quotation

Available on quotation

Up to 100 members / organization

Up to 5 spheres / organization

Contact Whaller

Contact Whaller

Number of members100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of spheres
Number of organizations
In spheres
Sharing of documents, surveys, events, etc.
Search in messages in the past 20 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Upload size 20MB150MB1GBLarge files
Message scheduling
Translation of messages via DeepL🇪🇺
Multilingual content creation
Members directory
Alphabetical directory
Filters according to roles
"My contacts" tabOptional
Collaboration tools
Document Box
Whaller 365 Co-editing of Word documentsCo-editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint documentsCo-editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents
Task Kanban
Video & teleconferencing
External links of your choice: Jitsi, Whereby or Glowbl
Online meeting rooms (by BigBlueButton)
Webinars (by BigBlueButton)
Teleconference Optional
Sphere customization
Image gallery
External feeds import
Anonymous restricted spheres
News spheres
For organizations
Internal portal
Public portal
Sphere families
Cross-functional tools
Resource reservation
Suggested contacts
Motivational tools (incentive)
Store, points
Map (with integrated quizzes)
Automatic reward rules (points, badges)
Management tools
Analytics Custom reporting
Automatically accepted email domains
Spheres accessible to visitors
Data legacy
Email customization
Members isolated from the rest of
Remove branding
Roles and enhanced profiles
Blacklisted words
Custom rights and authorizations
Advanced customization
Graphic customization (banners, etc.)
Synchronization with company directory (LDAP)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom CSS
Advanced security options :
- Password complexity policy
- Password expiration
- Login cookie duration
- Lifetime of links sent by email to renew a password
Data on-premises (mixed infrastructure) OptionalOptional
White label websiteOptional
Healthcare data hostingOptional
White label mobile applicationOptional
All on-premises (infrastructure hosted on site)Optional
SupportReply < 48 hours by emailReply < 24 business hours by email, chatReply < 24 business hours by email, chat, person dedicated to the follow-up of your project