Find an organization portal

Some organizations have a public portal, you can search for your network here:

Be invited

If you know the administrator of a network you want to join, ask them to send you an invitation by email. See more...

If you are already registered on Whaller, you can also give them your username. They will then be able to add you to their network directly. Once you have received the invitation email, you just need to follow the instructions or log in to your Whaller account.

Request entry into a sphere or an organization

If you know the URL of the sphere or organization portal of the network that you are looking for, nothing is simpler, follow the instructions and request entry into the network. See more...

  • The URLs of spheres always have a request for entry link.
  • The URLs of organization portals generally have a request for entry button, unless the administrator has deactivated it.
Via your email address

Some organizations are set to let you enter automatically based on your email domain (example: See more...

Don't forget to confirm your email address. Whaller will then suggest organizations you can enter directly or request to enter.

If you don't know how to proceed, click here and we will help you.